Assessment Data and Results

Want to learn more about the experience and outcomes of our students and alumni? Review our student satisfaction surveys and reports on educational outcomes.


Assessment Annual

The Assessment Annual is produced by the Office of Assessment to highlight assessment results obtained through instruments administered during the academic year. The Assessment Annual focuses on assessment of student satisfaction with the education experience, programs and services and the achievement of core outcomes.

Alumni Data

The Northwestern Alumni Survey is administered to alumni of the last five years as part of the departmental program review process. Results are combined to provide a sum many of alumni perceptions of their Northwestern experience.

CCCU Alumni Data

The CCCU Alumni Survey was a Collaborative Assessment Project in the Spring of 2020. Northwestern received 379 responses from students who graduated from UNW in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Student Data

Data related to student perceptions of their education experience are collected using the Student Satisfaction Inventory, the Northwestern Senior Survey, and the Northwestern Capstone Survey. Results from these instruments are found below.

Student Satisfaction Inventory

This instrument, developed by Noel Levitz, measures importance to satisfaction with a wide variety of college services and experiences.

Northwestern Senior Survey

The Northwestern Senior Survey is administered to both December and May graduates of any given academic year. This local developed instrument was designed to survey vocational information, student plans, activities, levels of satisfaction with UNW programs and services, and perceived college outcomes. The data gathered is used to compare the graduating senior class with previous senior classes where data is available. The items for the survey are selected by the Assessment Steering committee with input from a variety of campus offices and committees, and tailored to the distinctives of Northwestern.

Northwestern Capstone Survey

This locally developed instrument, given by departments during a capstone experience, is designed to survey perceptions regarding their academic major and faculty in their major.

Educational Outcomes

In addition to regular courses, all majors include required courses designated as having “written communication emphasis” or “oral communication emphasis.” These are identified for students by the codes “[WCE]” and “[OCE]”, respectively, in the list of requirements for each major.

Written Communication Emphasis (WCE) courses emphasize and rate students’ content, style, mechanics and documentation usage in writing. Each student’s writing is assessed in each of these four areas to ensure the student is writing at an appropriate college level.

WCE Results

Oral Communication Emphasis (OCE) courses emphasize and rate student ability in oral presentation. Students are assessed on their thesis and purpose, organization, support material and delivery to ensure the student has oral communication abilities at the appropriate college level.

OCE Results