Intercultural Programs and Services

Encourage awareness and provide opportunities for all students to develop cultural humility, attentiveness, and sensitivity through engagement.


The Office of Student Life coordinates programs and activities that celebrate diversity and nurture a sense of belonging within the UNW community. We provide support for all students but particularly for international (F-1), cross-cultural, and third culture students.


We are unique threads within one story revealing the image of God in each of us.

A multicultural student organization that focuses on providing activities that cultivate a community where every person experiences a deep sense of belonging and affirmation of their identity in Christ, expressed within each person’s distinct culture. Leadership roles on this team include President, Vice President of Annual Events, Vice President of Seasonal Events.

Multicultural Mentors

A wonderful opportunity for students to develop discipleship skills, make new friends from different cultures, and assist new students in finding their place in the UNW community. While this position does not provide a stipend, it does provide exposure and experience in leadership that prepares students for other leadership roles that do offer stipends.

International Students

UNW has a growing population of international students. These students have chosen to pursue their studies outside of their home country. They receive an F-1 visa in order to study in the US. We serve as a connection point to help them access resources available to them.


We provide support for students who are US citizens but have spent a significant amount of time in another country due to one or both parents employment overseas or working in the mission field. These students often experience a unique transition back into North American culture. We also offer resources through MuKappa for them as they navigate life back in the US.

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Mosaic Leadership Program

For Mosaic scholarship recipients only.

We will provide recipients of this scholarship direct support, intentional cross-cultural engagement, on-campus student leadership opportunities, and staff/faculty guidance to reinforce our ongoing commitment to the principles outlined in Northwestern’s Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Framework.

Program Requirements: Changes may occur as the program develops

  • Maintain a college GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Attend a 1-night summer retreat with Student Life every year up to graduation
  • Participate in all program requirements such as regular Mosaic meetings and student leadership involvement.
  • Attend 1:1 meetings with Mosaic staff advisor
  • Actively engage in leadership positions that support the Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Framework.
  • Complete a FAFSA application every year by February
  • Live in a campus residence hall during the first full academic year (After first year, living in campus housing is encouraged but not required for the Mosaic program)

For more information about the program, email [email protected]

For more information about how to apply for the Mosaic scholarship, connect with your Admissions Counselor or read more about our Scholarships for more information.