FCC Applications

An application for a new noncommercial educational station on 91.9 mHz, Ashland, Wisconsin, has been filed.

On November 8, 2021, University of Northwestern-St. Paul, applicant for a new noncommercial educational FM station on 88.1 mHz, Grand Rapids, MN, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a construction permit. Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit this link in the Media Bureau’s Licensing and Management System.

The notice must be posted on UNWSP’s website under an “FCC Applications” link that appears on the first page of the website, which when selected takes viewers to a landing page containing the notice language. The notice must begin no later than March 17, 2022 and remain on the site for 30 consecutive days. Please note that the notice language above has a link to the application. If cutting and pasting the language from this email, be sure that the hyperlink to the application in the notice carries over and still functions. There is no obligation to certify that the public notice was completed, but I do recommend that you keep a screen save of the post in the event we receive an inquiry about the notice.