Student Accounts

Handles payments, outstanding bills, account balances, and other information on your student’s account.



All billing is electronic and students receive an email notification to their UNW email when a new ebill is generated. Authorized users also receive an email notification. New ebills are generated the first week of every month and payment is always due in full at the end of the month when a billing statement is issued. A $40 late payment fee will be assessed on the past-due balance. Initial semester bills are due by August 31st for Traditional and Online Undergraduate and September 30th for Adult Undergraduate and Graduate. Spring bills are due January 31st and summer bills are due May 31st for all venues.

Payment Options

Pay your bill in full by the due date or sign up for a payment plan.

Traditional and Online Undergraduate:

  • Fall bill is due August 31 or sign up for a payment plan by August 30.
  • Spring bill is due January 31 or sign up for a payment plan by January 30.
  • Summer bill is due May 31.

Adult Undergraduate and Graduate:

  • Fall bill is due September 30 or sign up for a payment plan by September 29.
  • Spring bill is due January 31 or sign up for a payment plan by January 30.
  • Summer bill is due May 31 or set up for a payment plan by May 30.

Sign up on the Authorized User site>Payment Plans>Enroll Now. Enrollment fee is $50 per semester.

Becoming an Authorized User

Due to federal privacy laws, we are unable to share information about your student’s account unless you are an authorized user. Your student must extend an email invitation for you to be an authorized user and view their school finances. Your authorized user access will be complete once you login for the first time and are prompted to input your name so we will see it. If there are two parents who need access, we encourage students to list them individually with unique email addresses. If only one parent is authorized, we can only speak to that parent. Authorized user site

1098T Forms

1098T forms are used to determine your eligibility for claiming the Education Tax Credits on your Federal Income Tax returns. The University of Northwestern St. Paul has contracted with ECSI to provide both the electronic and paper 1098Ts. By January 31 each year, paper forms are mailed to the student’s current address unless an electronic version is selected. If you are eligible to receive a 1098T, you can retrieve one electronically for the current or previous years by clicking the link below.

Student accounts can verify information reported on the form however, we cannot provide tax advice. Please refer to IRS Publication 970 for educational tax credit information.

Please contact Student Accounts at 651-631-5352 or [email protected] with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents