Are you looking for a job that paves the way to use your gifts to honor God? Consider employment at Northwestern.

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Why work for Northwestern?

Our community is built around ideas that Jesus taught: love, compassion, and understanding. When you work at Northwestern you will experience a community of Christians who want to help you succeed in your career and your future. We want to ensure you can balance your work with your family and social life. Here you will gain lifelong friendships and grow in your faith. Faculty, staff, and student workers are constantly lifting each other up and working together to get the job done so Northwestern can continue its mission to prepare students for their professions as followers of Jesus Christ.

We honor God always

To get a better understanding of our organization and our Christian community, applicants should review the Declaration of Christian Community and Doctrinal Statement before applying for a position at Northwestern.

Job openings

Do you enjoy teaching? Do you prefer to work with your hands outdoors? Does talking on the radio sound appealing? Do you want to make some extra money in between classes? From the grounds keepers who keep our campus looking beautiful to the professors who inspire the next generation of students, every person is valued at Northwestern for the skills they offer. Search a wide range of job and career opportunities from our University of Northwestern and Northwestern Media organizations. Northwestern has a diverse range of opportunities, spanning multiple areas of expertise, including education, media, business operations, and more.