Literature & Writing Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Why concentrate in literature and writing?

Study the works of the Western Canon—without overlooking contemporary and multicultural literature—and hone your writing skills both creatively and professionally with experienced writers.

Enjoy events with your professors such as the Inkstone Reading Series where we invite in a local writer for a reading and questions.

Literature & writing concentration requirements

The literature and writing concentration prepares students to pursue graduate work in English, as well as careers in fields such as ministry, law, business, teaching, technical writing, publishing, and freelancing. In the literature and writing concentration, students sharpen their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as they analyze and write about literary texts and as they engage in three primary genres of writing: creative, expository, and technical. Options within the required course offerings allow students to pursue areas that most interest them. Students choose between a literature or writing emphasis for their capstone courses.

What students are saying:

“The Northwestern English Department prepared me incredibly well for graduate school. I’m familiar with nearly every author and title on the syllabus in each class... . Thanks to the projects and discussions in the thought-provoking courses I took, I now feel comfortable analyzing texts, writing papers, and presenting my ideas at the graduate level."

Elyse, alum who concentrated on literature and writing 


English Minor

English is also available in a minor.


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