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Transfer Friendly Tips for an Easy Process

By Emily Wilder, Student Marketing Intern on Friday, April 12, 2024


The process of transferring to a university can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to walk the trek alone. At University of Northwestern – St. Paul (UNW), our students do not have to worry. We have skilled admissions counselors equipped with the ability to ease these students into their start at UNW. 

Here are 4 tips for a successful transfer process: 

1. Research.

Researching the college that you want to transfer to is a crucial step in your journey.  It is important to evaluate what has been challenging at your current school and what you hope to look for in your new one. Tours are a great way to start evaluating a school. 

Ki, a recent transfer to UNW, says that she looked into several universities before choosing to apply. She says, “I went on a tour of the campus before officially applying and I instantly fell in love with the campus. I researched the programs, and they were also what I was looking for. I knew that UNW was the place for me!” 

It is important to research the college you want to attend to make sure that you feel comfortable attending. Whitton, a sophomore transfer to UNW, expresses that she had a “strong calling from God to come here [UNW].” 

Research can help you make sure you will feel comfortable. UNW has resources to start your research journey and get a better understanding of the campus. Through apps such as ZeeMee, students can connect with potential roommates, friends, and current students.

2. Contact Current School (if applicable).

If you are thinking of leaving your current university, it is important to make sure to let them know that you will be canceling your enrollment for the upcoming term. Communication is key when making big decisions! Your advisor at your school can help you coordinate which courses will transfer. Northwestern is a transfer-friendly school. This means we will work with you to transfer as many credits as possible.

3. Look into the Deadlines.

There is nothing worse than realizing you have missed a deadline. To avoid this, transfer student, Ki, placed reminders on her phone to help to avoid missing important application dates, and this helped her lessen any stress with applying as well. Reminders or to-do lists are very helpful in organizing and laying everything out that you need to. Maybe you have a bunch of dates in your head and dumping them into an Excel Spreadsheet would help to create order and help you get a full picture of what you need to prioritize.

4. Look for Financial Aid.

It is no secret that college costs can feel overwhelming. However, many universities offer different enrollment scholarships based on skills, academic success, etc. It is important to see if you can get any help with finances from the university and other outside scholarships. At UNW, there are scholarships that you could be eligible to apply for after getting accepted. So, make sure to look around and ask questions about the schools you are applying for and what they offer for financial aid.

Are you considering transferring to UNW? Check out this video that shows a glimpse of life as an Eagle.

Questions? Contact admissions counselor Jody Reynolds or Justin Otto.