Wendi L. Marshall, M.B.C.

Wendi L. Marshall, M.B.C.

Adjunct Faculty, Communication and Public Relations

M.B.C. from University of St. Thomas

B.A. from Bob Jones University



Wendi Marshall spent the first 13 years of her career honing communication, advertising, and marketing skills in the shoe, travel apparel, and financial industry. She joined Northwestern’s public relations office in 1997 as a community liaison and spent the next nine years in various roles including six years as the director of public relations. 

Wendi’s real-world experience includes overseeing TV, radio, and print advertising, videos, website content, crisis communication, direct mail campaigns and 11 years as an independent communication consultant for several for-profit and non-profit businesses.
She earned her undergraduate degree in history with a public relations/journalism minor at the University of Bob Jones in Greenville, SC. She has a master’s degree in business communication from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. 

In 2008, she taught the Business Communication class and discovered that she enjoyed the passing on some of what she’d learned to future practitioners. Since then, she has taught many of the courses offered in the communication studies program but currently focuses full time on public relations courses. She is dedicated to teaching her students how a personal relationship with Christ is foundational to their ability to meet the future demands of their work as they communicate with both their lives and words for the Lord and for their clients. 

Wendi and her husband enjoy travelling, trying new restaurants, experiencing foods from all over the world, and listening to and playing music. It’s not unusual for her to find some way of weaving her love of music into her public relations lectures and stories, which has in turn led to more than one of her public relations students discovering an enthusiasm for the Bee Gees.

Specialty Area(s)

  • Business Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Business communication
  • Nonprofit fundraising communication

Specialty Area(s)

  • Public Relations Principles and Social Media Strategies
  • Public Relations Cases & Crisis Communication
  • Public Relations Event Planning
  • Political Communication
  • Nonprofit Communications
  • Advisor to Public Relations workshop (The Mel)