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2-Year Degree – Now What?

By Emily Wilder, Student Marketing Intern on Friday, April 26, 2024


You have your 2-year Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree? Now what? Your opportunities are endless. With this level of education, you are qualified to apply for and work a variety of different jobs. There are many options available in the workforce, such as an electric technician, office manager, and even a veterinary technician. Indeed, in a recent article published in 2023, compiled several possibilities of occupations you can pursue with a 2-year degree, including home health aide, cook, cosmetologist, and many others. 

Your possibilities don’t stop there. A 2-year degree gives you a head start on continuing your education. Let’s take a look at some common questions that arise when considering furthering your education through a 4-year bachelor’s degree at UNW.

Will my AA or AS courses transfer toward my chosen major?

At UNW, we are a transfer-friendly university. This means that we will work hard to get as many courses as possible transferred toward your chosen program. Most courses taken at a community or technical college transfer well. Check out this tool that allows you to check to see if your credits will transfer.

Will I come in as a freshman or a junior standing?

Depending on your major, you can wrap up a bachelor’s degree in just two years. Upon admittance to UNW, we will work with you to see how long your degree will take, and what the next steps might look like. If your Associate’s isn’t similar to your chosen bachelor’s, it might take longer to complete. Our admissions counselors are excited to work with students and help them explore all the possibilities that are ahead. 

Will I fit in as a transfer student?

Absolutely! There are several transfer students at UNW that help to create a vibrant and diverse community with the different experiences that they bring in. There are over three hundred fifty transfer students who have come in with either a few courses from a different university or a 2-year degree. The process of transitioning is made easy by our skilled counselors. Hear more about some transfer-friendly tips by reading this blog, or visit our traditional student transfer page to learn more about your options as a traditional student. If you want to connect directly with a counselor, Jody Reynolds specializes in helping transfer students; she would be happy to connect with you.

Furthering your education is a great opportunity to dive deeper into areas of study that you are interested in. Your opportunities are endless, whether you choose to continue your education or jump right into the workforce. With a variety of options to explore, your future is bright! 

Are you considering getting a bachelor’s degree? Or do you want to look into our AA and AS degree options at UNW? Reach out and get the conversation started with our admissions counselors.