Parking Permits

Parking on campus

Do you have a car? Looking for a place to park on campus? Find out if you are eligible for a parking permit.


Students who have 30+ college credits may have a car on campus. Registration for parking permits opens in the spring.

Note: Make sure your college transcripts have been sent! You will not be able to fill out the parking permit request form until your 30 college credits have been processed.

Students with fewer than 30 credits…

Freshmen are welcome to complete a parking appeal form (found at the bottom of the page) for special circumstances (i.e. medical reasons, primary caretaker for a family member, etc.). Students coming from far distances will be considered. Students wanting a car in order to work off-campus are less likely to be approved. Please talk to your Admission Counselor before you complete this form; they will do their best to help you submit a strong appeal.

Freshman Parking Appeal