How to access your UNW Email

Northwestern Email

Can’t remember your email username or password? Not sure where to login? We’ve got you covered.


After you’re admitted to Northwestern, you also are given a Northwestern email address. Your email address will be: your username for myUNW @students.unwsp.edu.

For most of you, that will be your first and middle initials and your last name. But if there are already other students here with that combo, you might have a number at the end as well.

  1. To log in to your UNW email, first log in to myUNW.
  2. Then click on the Email link under Shortcuts or find the Microsoft Office Widget and see a preview of your inbox.
  3. Your username will be your UNW email address, and your password will be the same one you use for myUNW.

That’s it! Many offices on campus use this email address, and you’ll especially want to use it as school gets closer and closer, so it’s best to check it out now.