Ensemble Auditions

Find out how to audition for one of our music ensembles.

Northwestern Varsity Men's Chorus

Ensemble auditions typically take place during Eagle Advising Days (except for Northwestern Choir). Contact the Music Office at (651) 631-5218 or (888) 878-5514 with any questions. Registration for music ensembles occurs following the audition.

Choral (Amata Women’s Chorale or Con Brio Men’s Chorus)

  • Amata Women’s Chorale and Con Brio Men’s Chorus auditions will take place under the direction of choral conductors Alessio Tranchell and Timothy Sawyer. Northwestern Choir auditions occur during the spring semester prior to the incoming year and typically involve returning students only.
  • Come prepared to sing a stanza of Amazing Grace. Piano accompaniment will be provided.
  • Technical exercises will feature vocal range, rhythm, aural, and sight-reading skills.

Strings (UNW Orchestra)

  • Orchestra string auditions will take place with conductor David Kozamchak.
  • Prepare a piece best demonstrating your musical ability.
  • Play a scale, preferably three octaves; double bass players may play a two octave scale.
  • Sight read music.
  • No accompanist is needed.

Winds/Brass/Percussion (UNW Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble)

  • Auditions will take place with conductors Dr. Bruce Pearson and David Kozamchak.
  • Prepare a solo or etude with musical contrast that best demonstrates your skills.
  • Sight read music.
  • Play scales up to four sharps and four flats. You will perform three scales, two major scales (one selected for you) and a full-range chromatic scale.
  • No accompanist is needed.
  • One audition (per instrument) serves as your audition for all three instrumental ensembles: UNW Orchestra, Symphonic Band, or Jazz Ensemble. You may let the conductors know at the audition if you are auditioning for only one preferred ensemble.
  • If you plan to audition with more than one instrument, you will need to set up audition times for each instrument.

Openings in ensembles vary from year to year. Students not awarded placement may re-audition the following year.