Offering instruction in civil, electrical, mechanical, and general engineering, the department of engineering coordinates with regional industries to research, design, and implement solutions with consideration of standard procedures, ethical practices, contemporary technologies, and the impact on creation for God-honoring service to the profession, community and world.

About the Department

Students in the engineering major learn to apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to the creative development of solutions to complex technical problems. The core curriculum provides students with an understanding of ideas that have shaped human thinking in engineering and the humanities, arts and sciences. This broad perspective gives students the context to comprehend the intentions of God’s plan for human activity and realize the environmental, economic, ethical, sustainability, social and safety impact of their engineering designs on creation and mankind. Graduates are well prepared to pursue employment in industry and to pursue graduate studies in engineering and related fields.

Majors and Programs

The Engineering major consists of 50 credits for core courses and an emphasis of 34 credits in any of the following concentrations: civil, electrical, mechanical, or general engineering. The degree is granted upon completion of 139 credits (40 credits must be in 3000- or 4000-level courses).

Because of University of Northwestern’s small class sizes, students are able to get a more personalized education. Professors truly take an interest in students and are able to provide one-on-one attention that helps each individual excel.

When your time in Northwestern’s engineering program comes to a close, you will have confidence in your knowledge and skills, and a strong foundation of faith and character that will allow to you to make a lasting impact on the world for God’s glory.

Engineering Laboratories

Engineering Laboratories 

In support of project-based learning, industry related collaboration, and course specific topics, the department equips, maintains, and seeks to expand the following laboratories with both industry-standard and educational equipment.

Electronics LaboratoryEngine LaboratorySoils and Concrete Laboratory
Introduction to Engineering LaboratoryMachine ShopMaterials Laboratory
Physics LaboratoryThermo-Fluids LaboratorySenior Design Laboratory
Simulation LaboratorySurveying Laboratory


Department of Engineering


Nazareth Hall, N3129
3003 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55113