Engineering Laboratories

University of Northwestern – St. Paul Engineering Laboratories

Electronics Laboratory

Oscilloscopes, power supplies, DMMs, and function generators for eight workstations to support circuits and electronics courses. Communications trainers and computers for support of microcontrollers, biomedical instrumentation, and digital electronics.

Engine Laboratory

Trainers for application of the thermodynamic cycles and measurement of engine torque via dynamometer.

Soils and Concrete Laboratory

Instruments for determination of moisture content, specific gravity, and Atterberg limits of soils. Equipment for sieve analysis, hydrometer analysis, soil classification, proctor compaction, permeability, direct shear, consolidation and triaxial testing of soils. Concrete mixture design, setting time of concrete, slump test of concrete, air content of concrete, and compression strength of concrete.

Introduction to Engineering Laboratory

Work benches, hand tools, 3D printers, and a PCB milling machine to support the team-based projects of the first program course.

Machine Shop

Metal and wood working tools for cutting, turning, joining, and forming various parts. Metal equipment includes vertical mills, lathes, grinders, spot wielder, TIG wielders, and CNC Machine. Wood equipment includes saws, drill press, and tools.

Materials Laboratory

Universal testing machines for axial and bend testing of metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite materials. Additional equipment for assessment of stress and strain under torsion, creep, impact and fatigue loads. Industry standard hardness testing and sample polishing equipment to examine grain structure.

Physics Laboratory

Systems for examining force and energy on motion of particles and rigid bodies. Also, equipment for the study of electromagnetism, optics, and applications of oscillatory systems.

Thermo-Fluids Laboratory

Trainers for practical investigation of fluid flow, heat exchange, refrigeration cycles, piping losses, series & parallel pumping, and free & forced convection.

Senior Design Laboratory

Assigned bench space for research and engineering design for senior capstone projects.

Simulation Laboratory

46 workstations installed with ANSYS, AutoCAD, MATLAB, SolidWorks, and other applications for numerical analysis, computer-aided design, and modeling of components, fluids, and control systems.

Surveying Laboratory

Measurements of horizontal, vertical, and slope distances as well as horizontal and vertical angles using levels and total stations. Other measurements include traverse, topographic, and construction stakeout surveying.