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Student Account Agreement

Additional Information Regarding the Student Account Agreement for Traditional, Dual Enrollment, and Graduate Students.

Refund Policy

Tuition and Fees

For students withdrawing from a course after classes begin, a refund of the tuition, if any, is determined as of the withdrawal date. After the 100% tuition refund period**, the withdrawn credits count toward billed credits and fees are non-refundable. Room and board payments are refunded in proportion to the time the student has been in residence. Within a month after termination, the student will receive either a bill or refund check. An account balance that is not paid in full within sixty days is transferred to Heartland ECSI for future monthly billing. Student accounts must be paid in full before a diploma can be released. Questions may be directed to:

TRAD – Student Accounts at 651-631-5352, [email protected].
CGOAL (DE, AU, Grad) – Student Accounts at 651-631-5177, [email protected]

Financial Aid Refund Policy

When a student receiving financial aid withdraws during the semester, the Financial Aid Office will run a calculation based on withdrawal date to determine if any of the financial aid the student received for the semester must be returned back to the funding programs. It is highly recommended for students considering a withdrawal at any time within the semester, to contact a Financial Aid Counselor at 651-631-5212 or [email protected], to calculate and consider the financial impact beforehand.

Refund of UNW Institutional Aid (Scholarships, Grants, Discounts)

Return of UNW aid is calculated based on the tuition refund table**. If a student withdraws from a class and receives a 20% tuition refund, their UNW aid will be decreased by 20%. If the student withdraws at a later date where no tuition refund is given, their UNW institutional aid will not be reduced.

Refund of Title IV funds (Federal/State Student Aid)

For students with Federal and/or MN State grants or loans who withdraw within the semester, the calculation for return of unearned aid received is directed by Federal and State Government regulations which UNW is required to follow.

Federal Refunds – Return of Title IV funds (R2T4) is determined by the number of days a student has been in attendance. If a semester is 115 days long and the student withdraws on the 30th day, the student has earned only 26% of the federal aid they have received, which means – the University must collect from the student and return 74% of the funds back to the federal programs. If the student withdraws past the 60th percentile of the semester – no federal funds will be required to be returned.

Minnesota State Grant refunds – Return of State Grant funds takes into account the amount of returned funds to Federal and UNW Institutional Aid programs, then calculates the amount to be returned to the State Grant program based on credits and attendance. This is calculated at the time of withdrawal.

**Trad – Refund Table, Traditional Undergraduate & Dual Enrollment Catalog/Financial Information, page 21. 
CGOAL – Refund Information, College of Graduate, Online & Adult Learning Catalog/Course Registration, page 28.

Requirements and Procedures for Withdrawal

Dropping a Course

For students withdrawing from an individual on-campus course, submit a Drop/Withdrawal/Add form to the Registrar’s Office in Nazareth Hall N2134, 651-631-5119, or email form to [email protected]. For online courses, logon to myUNW and find the Advising and Registration link under Pages. Within the different Advising and Registration pages for all student modalities, students can find information within the Add/Drop/Withdraw page. Depending on modality, Dual Enrollment, Traditional, Adult Undergraduate, and/or Graduate, this page might have a different title, but each will include a link to the correct form for the appropriate student group. Course enrollment and fees will continue until the completed form has been forwarded to the Registrar’s Office.

Discontinuing Enrollment

For students immediately withdrawing from all courses mid-semester or notifying Northwestern of plans to discontinue enrollment after the current semester ends, logon to myUNW, select the Academics tab, locate the Withdrawal/Termination portlet and complete the Immediate Withdrawal/Non Returning form.

Traditional Undergraduate (Trad) – students voluntarily terminating all enrollment during the semester must complete the withdrawal form with a Student Life Dean. Set up a meeting with Student Life at 651-628-3398 or [email protected].

CGOAL (DE, AU, Grad) – students voluntarily terminating all enrollment should contact their academic advisor and ask about a Program Withdrawal form.

When a student’s enrollment is involuntarily terminated during a semester, their official Date of Termination will be considered the date of the last day before the decision to terminate.

Tuition Refund Schedule

For information about TRAD and DE course withdrawal view the schedule outlined in confluence.

For information about CGOAL course withdrawal view the schedule outlined in the 22-23 catalog.

Student Account Updates

For any needed updates to your student account, visit and find the Update Personal Information tool under the Tools sidebar. From there, you can change your address, email address, or phone number. 

For any additional changes, contact the registrars office using the contact information provided below. 

Registrar’s Office


Nazareth Hall, N2134
3003 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55113

Office Hours: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday

E-Bill Information

To view your student E-Bill, visit and find the Balances widget with the student Dashboard. From there, students can select View Student Account and view account balance, submit a payment, or choose a payment plan within the billing platform.

FERPA Release Form

In order for a student to provide access to parents or others regarding academic or student life information, the student can do so by filling out a FERPA Student Information Release Form (available via myUNW) and returning the form to the Registrar’s Office and/or the Student Development office, depending upon the information the student desires to release. On the form, the student indicates which types of information to release and to whom. If the release is in regards to providing academic related information, those identified as authorized to receive the information must submit their request in writing to the Registrar’s Office each time the information is desired. The information will not be released automatically, but rather, only after receipt of a request to do so from an authorized recipient. The request from the authorized recipient must include:

  • the recipient’s printed name,
  • the academic information sought,
  • where the information is to be sent, and
  • the signature(s) of the authorized recipient(s).

IRS Form 1098-T

Students can withdraw their consent online or by requesting a paper copy of the IRS form 1098-T. Visit and find Student Accounts under the All Pages view and select “Student Account Forms.” Within this page, a paper copy can be requested under the “1098T Form” section. This page will direct students to the ECSI website where they can find information indicating whether they have opted for paper or online agreements and will also give instructions for switching a students preference.