Northwestern becomes Minnesota Private College Council’s 18th member institution

By Greg Johnson on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

University of Northwestern – St. Paul has accepted an invitation to join the membership of the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC), a group of 17 non-profit, liberal arts-focused institutions of higher education throughout the state. Since its founding in 1948, the MPCC’s mission has been to serve members’ shared needs and advocate for public policy that meet the educational needs of students, enhance private higher education, and strengthen Minnesota’s economic and civic fabric. UNW’s membership in the Council started on July 1.

Northwestern is the MPCC’s 18th member university and its first addition in over 20 years. Likely the largest benefit to UNW as a member is the Council’s focus on government advocacy. 37 percent of traditional undergraduate students at Northwestern receive need-based state grant awards as part of their financial aid package. As a Council member, Northwestern will be in an improved position to speak up for students here and across the state who rely on these grants.

UNW staff and faculty members will also benefit from the MPCC membership. The Council also focuses on admission outreach to students and families research and other collaborative projects for its member institutions. Numerous peer groups exist across the now 18 member schools, ranging from enrollment and financial aid to human resources and Title IX, providing new opportunities to collaborate and connect with others who work in the same space in order to perform their jobs more effectively.

“Northwestern is pleased to accept the invitation from the Minnesota Private College Council invitation to become a full member in their organization,” stated president Dr. Alan Cureton. He continued, “We look forward to joining other private colleges and universities in Minnesota as we, together, advocate for our students, both at the state capitol and throughout the state. The quality of private higher education in Minnesota is exceptional. We are delighted to add to the voices of support for private higher education.”

“The Minnesota Private College Council and our member institutions are glad to welcome the University of Northwestern – St. Paul into our membership,” Council President Paul Cerkvenik said. “We look forward to Northwestern’s engagement in our public policy advocacy and in the many ways our private nonprofit institutions collaborate for the benefit of our students, our member institutions, and our state.”

Northwestern’s profile fits that of other Council members in terms of enrollment size and the liberal arts approach to education. The 17 MPCC member institutions that UNW has joined feature undergraduate traditional enrollment numbers from 781 to 6,067. Almost one-third of the bachelor’s degrees in Minnesota — 31 percent — are earned at one of the MPCC’s 18 member institutions.

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