Career Communities

Career Communities

Connect with alumni and professionals to expand your network; you can explore careers, find clarity, and get help with job and internship opportunities. Studies show that 80% of jobs are found through networking.

Career Communities are industry-specific groups of alumni and professionals who partner with UNW to connect with students. They might speak in a classroom or at a chapel, attend networking events on campus, be available for informational interviews, share career advice, review resumes, or communicate job and internship opportunities. They provide real-world career connections for students to explore options and opportunities so they can make more informed career choices.

Benefits for Students:

  • Build connections with alumni and professionals in your field
  • Gain helpful industry-specific connections and advice
  • Obtain leads and referrals for internship and job opportunities
  • Cultivate potential mentoring relationships
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In order to make these connections work for you, follow this guiding principle: Never ask for a job. Always ask for information, advice, and referrals.

  • Be prepared—research the person, the company, and make a list of questions before connecting
  • Make a positive and professional first impression (check spelling and grammar, professional approach)
  • Respect the Career Community member’s time when you reach out
  • When you get a lead, show that you appreciate it by following up on it
  • Send a thank you letter after you connect and keep in touch via email or LinkedIn

Be sure to approach networking as a two-way street. Essentially, ask yourself How can we forge a relationship? rather than How can this person help me?

Start Connecting

We have more than 300 members in our community ready to connect with students. Find the members in your field of study that offer the assistance you need.


Select the Career Community that best represent the professionals you want to connect with.


Select the activity that you are seeking help with, such as getting career advice, resume review, mentor, informational interview, etc.