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5 Free Resources for Learning to Use Excel for Financial, Investment, and Statistical Calculations

Friday, February 1, 2019


If you work in the business world, you probably have used Excel to create spreadsheets. Most people are familiar with the basic functions of Excel since it has been around for several years. However, many people admit that their knowledge is extremely limited and they would like to learn more. Instead of asking one of your coworkers every time you need to create a chart or find a large sum, here are 5 free resources to expand your knowledge and get you Excel-savvy.

1. Microsoft’s Excel Training Center

Since the people at Microsoft created Excel, they are quite versed on how to operate the program. They have an Office Training Center for Excel that features videos and tutorials for current versions of Excel as well as for older versions. Resources are divided up by a user’s ability including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. More information can be found here:

2. The Spreadsheet Page

This site was created by John Walkenbach, an Excel expert who has written more than 60 books on Excel. He has also written 300 articles for various computer publications. Under the Excel Tips tab, he gives useful pointers on charts, graphics, formatting, and formulas. You can learn how to work with fractions or even how to unlink a pivot table. More information can be found here:

3. is a large online forum that is dedicated to answering questions from users. Its message board is continuously monitored by Excel experts. You can choose from a variety of categories including products, questions, or announcements. The site also features a library of Excel books. Excel consultants are available for hire if you have a unique situation. The online forum can be found here:

4. EdX Excel Courses

If you are looking for a course rather than a tutorial, EdX does a great job of providing more formal education. EdX provides education for people in different counties and works as a nonprofit. They offer Excel training sessions that users can complete at their own pace. The courses are free, however for a small fee, the user will receive a certificate with the institution’s logo if they choose a course labeled as “verified.” This may be helpful on a resume. If you don’t need the certificate, you can still take the course for free. The courses can be found here:

5. Khan Academy

This site offers free video tutorials on various subjects including math, history, grammar, etc. It also has several videos about Excel. You can learn about linear models, SQL basics, marginal costs, and interpreting computer regression models. More information about the Excel tutorials can be found here: