Lily (Xiaoqing) Huang, Ph.D.

Lily (Xiaoqing) Huang, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor

Ph.D. in Business Analytics and Data Science from Capitol Technology University, in progress.

M.B.A. from University of Northwestern – St. Paul, 2017

M.S. in Applied Mathematics in System Dynamics from Guangxi University, China

B.S. in Mathematics Education from Guangxi Normal University, China

I grew up in China and worked there as a college math instructor, and then as an economics researcher and project director. After I married my wonderful husband Erik, a U.S. citizen, I immigrated to the United States and became a permanent resident in May 2013. In a whole new environment, I worked remotely for my institute in China to complete all the ongoing projects, meanwhile, I pursued an M.B.A. and had a baby. After achieving MBA, I became an adjunct math/statistics/data instructor both at University of Northwestern – St. Paul and Bethel University. Meanwhile, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Analytics and Data Science at Capitol Technology University. I have unfailing appetite for what is next in my life and the joy of pursuing my dream.


Experience and Achievements

Adjunct Instructor

March 2018 – Present, Bethel University & University of Northwestern-St. Paul, MN, USA

Teaching courses: Statistics, Business Math and Statistics, Quantitative Analysis, Business Math, Data Analysis and Decision Making, Mathematics in Real Life, Personal Finance.

Developed courses: Business Statistics & Mathematics, Mathematics in Real Life


Researcher/Project Director

April 2004– October 2016, Quantitative Economics Institute, Guangxi Academy of Social Science ▪ Nanning, China

Academic publications: sole author of one book, Predictive Methods and Applications for City Growth. Sole author of 13 academic articles, published in journals such as Statistics and Decision making, Computer Simulation, Economic and Social Development, etc.

Research Projects: director of 11 research projects in diverse fields: economic forecasting, budgeting prediction, regional planning, performance measurement & metrics, etc.


Assistant Professor 

July 1994 – April 2004, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanning, China

Teaching courses: Probability & Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Mathematical Modeling.


Skills and Expertise

Education: teaching and developing college-level statistics/math/data analysis courses.

Research: researching and reporting with data analysis and quantitative modeling.

Management: managing a research team with intensive investigation, communication and meeting.


Individual Expertise

Learner: I love to learn. I am a quick learner and I can master skills in a short period of time.

Achiever: I am productive. I welcome new tasks and challenges to achieve results and goals.

Planner: I like to see the whole picture, find the best route and plan things in advance.

Exerciser: I practice simple ballet, yoga, Zumba and swimming. I like hiking in nature.