Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Director Academy of Music


Totino Fine Arts Center, F2220
3003 Snelling Ave North
St. Paul, MN 55113



I could tell you all the statistics about how music lessons contribute to your child’s academic success or about how they help develop coordination and motor skills. I could share how music lessons and practice teach patience and discipline, not to mention enhancing self-esteem. But you’ve probably had someone tell you all this before. What you might not have heard, however, is how artistic education develops the whole brain. This contributes to a child’s use of imagination, something found lacking in too many children’s lives these days. You may not be aware that playing music helps children fight stress, relax and cope with anxiety. What’s more, children who further their musical experience by joining a group or ensemble cultivate social skills and teamwork. Finally, let’s not overlook that when children begin playing music, they open hearts and minds to this world’s beauty. Music can be an incredible means for uniting people in the joy and enjoyment of all that is good. Whatever language barriers, or even differences in politics, religion or income, the power of music can unite us to see and appreciate beauty together. Pablo Casals said it this way:

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”