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Pursue an online associate or bachelor’s degree completion program that interlocks faith and purpose. Expand your discipline-specific knowledge and step into your calling.

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expert faculty who are active in their fields

Our undergraduate degree completion programs may be the right fit if you…

  • Want to challenge yourself and advance your career with an associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Desire to complete a degree you started previously
  • Value faith-infused curriculum
  • Appreciate an online format that fits your busy life
  • Crave an interactive and supportive community

Why complete your degree at Northwestern?

Our online degree completion programs are intentionally designed to be both realistically attainable and undeniably valuable. Discover student-friendly courses that cover everything from foundational fundamentals to professional skills – all so you can confidently take the next step in your career.

Plus, take advantage of transfer-friendly policies that aim to transfer as many of your previously earned credits as possible—even if those credits are from a seemingly unrelated discipline.

Experience it all within a supportive Christian community to encourage you as you live out your calling.

Program Features
  • Expert faculty who are active in their fields
  • Customizable associate and bachelor’s programs to fit your ambitions
  • Faith-infused curriculum that interlocks faith and purpose
  • Courses optimized for quality and user experience
  • Take up to 14 credits of graduate-level courses while pursuing your undergraduate degree to get a jump start on your master’s degree.
My professors were phenomenal. The courses were rigorous, yet very well organized, which provided for strong classes.

Degree Completion Programs

Finish what you started. Equip yourself to pursue your career aspirations by selecting one of UNW’s seven degree completion programs.

BS in Business Administration

50-53 Major Specific Credits 
125 Total Credits

Grow as an effective decision-maker and management leader. Immerse yourself in courses that highlight real-world applications of business principles, including marketing, human resources, economics, healthcare management, and finance.

Customize your program by selecting a concentration in:

  • Accounting (in partnership with Bethel University)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare Management
  • Strategic Management
BS in Psychology

34 Major Specific Credits
125 Total Credits

Equip yourself with the tools and practices necessary to help improve others’ mental health. 

Customize your program by selecting a concentration in the following:

  • Health Psychology
  • Marriage and Family
  • General (no concentration declared)

BS in Ministry

34-40 Major Specific Credits
125 Total Credits

Engage with critical leadership training and graduate prepared for work in the church, mission field, and around the world. All students receive a concentration in Christian Studies.

BS in Healthcare Management

49 Major Specific Credits
125 Total Credits

Discover a flexible, online degree in healthcare management that provides a solid foundation in business management skills with a specific emphasis on healthcare administration.  

AA in General Studies

60 Total Credits

Explore foundational coursework in communication, history, art, literature, mathematics, science, and the Bible.

AA in Psychology

60 Total Credits

Dive into a theoretical and applied understanding of psychological principles to prepare you for further study in psychology or entry-level positions in the helping profession.

AS in Computer Science

60 Total Credits

Discover an online computer science degree that gives you the foundational knowledge to develop and use computer algorithms and computer-based systems.

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Edward Jefferson
Northwestern has a really good mission and purpose to educate us in the ways of God, but also offers education that focuses on the profession you are going into, whether that's ministries or communications or business. We have an opportunity and a platform to preach Jesus through our lives.
Edward Jefferson
What will I learn?

As you complete your associate or bachelor’s degree at UNW, you will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and advance your discipline-specific knowledge. Dive into one of these practical degree completion programs that will prepare you for success wherever your career takes you.

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Tryenyse Jones
UNW equipped me with an extremely solid base of knowledge and understanding in the field of psychology. The degree provided tools, concepts, theories, and practices that can be incorporated into all of my current and future work. Understanding how and why we function the way we do as human beings is fascinating, in addition to understanding how to best optimize and utilize that information from a biblical, theological and psychological perspective.
Tryenyse Jones
Graduate Class of 2021
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Professors at Northwestern are focused on their students first. Faculty within each of our degree completion programs include experts in their respective fields who want to help you grow in your knowledge, skills, and faith while you earn your associate or bachelor’s degree.

Study under caring professors in our degree completion programs who not only have decades of past experience, but who are active in their respective fields. This means you will have the opportunity to learn about real-world challenges, focus on niche skills needed in your intended area of interest, and expand your professional network.

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