Department of Psychology, Criminal Justice, & Law Enforcement


  • Associate of Arts
  • Adult Undergraduate

60 credits

required for program
  • Available online

$455 per credit


32 months

The Associate of Arts in Psychology degree offers foundational coursework in general education and Psychology designed with a Christian worldview.

Why Get an Associate’s Degree in psychology from Northwestern?

  • If you have never attended college, you can earn your associate’s degree in about 32 months through our courses online.
  • You can grow academically and spiritually with caring professors who will share their faith with you as well as their knowledge. You will participate in class discussions with other Christian peers who have similar goals and aspirations to further their education.
  • Northwestern’s A.A. in Psychology will provide a theoretical and applied understanding of psychological principles to prepare you for further study in psychology or entry-level positions in the helping profession.
  • You will take courses in the following subject areas, and all of the credits may be applied to an Adult Undergraduate bachelor’s degree program if you decide to continue your studies.
    • Biblical Thinking & Living (6-8 credits)
    • Creative Expression (3-4 credits)
    • Critical Thinking & Information Literacy (4 credits)
    • Cultural & Global Engagement (4 credits)
    • Effective Communication (3 credits)
    • Leadership & Professionalism (2 credits)
    • Scientific & Quantitative Literacy (8 credits)
    • Psychology Specialization (16 credits)
    • Electives (9-12 credits)

If you are ready to take the first step towards a college degree, looking to complete credits in general education plus a focus on Psychology, and want to learn in a Christian environment, this might be the right degree for you.

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