Individual Courses

The University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers many individual courses. Among classes available in person, Northwestern also hosts over 60 online courses.

You don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of quality classes when trying to find convenient learning for your busy schedule. Northwestern offers academic rigor with expert faculty and classes taught from a biblical foundation.

Earn college credit by taking undergraduate online courses at Northwestern. There are more than 70 courses to choose from, and anyone with a high school diploma or GED may take online courses through Northwestern.

Learn Your Way

Courses are offered as independent study or in online learning groups. An independent study course means that while you study, you have more flexible due dates and you may have less frequent interaction with your professor. You will need to make consistent academic progress on your course but will do so independently of other learners. An online learning group course requires that students interact with other students and their instructor. Semester start and end dates are critical for a learning group course. The group of students starts the course together, works through the course materials and assignments together, and finishes together. This type of course has greater accountability because the courses have weekly due dates which are to be followed throughout the semester.


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Dual Enrollment Online Course Tuition & Fees

Please go to the Tuition & Fees page and select Dual Enrollment Programs Tuition & Fees for complete information.