Purchase Textbooks

Quickly find and purchase your textbooks from our online store.


Find and purchase the books for your classes and have them shipped to you. You may choose to come to the campus store to pick up your order instead of paying for shipping.

Sign In for First Visit

The first time you order materials online from the Campus Store you will need to register on the textbook ordering website at the time of check out. Please note that the e-mail address you enter will be your username each time you sign in to the site. You will be required to provide the same password each time you access the site.

Online Campus Store

Sign In for Subsequent Visits

Now that you have registered on the site, you will just need to sign in for all future visits as a returning shopper. In the Log In screen, enter your e-mail address and password to start the process of checking out.


  • On the main Campus Store web page, under the “Buy Textbooks” column, click Select A Campus Term and choose the term with “UP” in the title. Click “Go.”
  • Select the Department, Course, and Section. All of the required materials for a course will appear below.
  • Double-check the course name and section to be sure these are the materials you intend to order.
  • Click “Add Selected Books to Cart.”
  • If you would like to order items for another course, you will be able to do the same process again on this page.


Once you have signed in, you will begin the checkout process by entering your shipping information.


By default, the address you entered when you registered is your shipping address. You may change your shipping address with any order, but please note that this will only affect your current order. Changing or updating the shipping address in the Campus Store textbook ordering website only applies to transactions with the Campus Store. If you need to change or update personal information, please do so on myUNW under the Student sidebar Tool under the Update Personal Information subpage. Next, choose your shipping method.

Payment Information

When ordering online, be ready to pay by credit card or have it charged to your student account with your Student ID number (with the two leading zeroes). You may have the books shipped to your house or come to the Campus Store to pick up your order. You may also visit to the Campus Store to shop for your books and other merchandise and pay by credit card, check, cash, or have them charged to your student account by using your student ID card.


If you have any questions, please visit the Campus Store page on myUNW. You should find anything you need in those links, but if not, please contact the shipping coordinator ([email protected], 651-631-5280).