Student Opportunities

Biblical & Theological Studies

As a biblical & theological studies or philosophy major you can participate in a number of academic activities, including conferences, research projects, and writing contests. Explore possibilities outside of the classroom with international study trips, faculty/student projects and chapels.


Get involved outside the classroom

Apply what you’re learning by participating in scholarly events like the Undergraduate Theology Conference and collaborating with a professor on research projects.

Deepen your insight of Scripture by studying abroad in Israel where you’ll increase your understanding of the biblical world while earning transfer credits towards your major.

Use your analytical skills to discuss ideas in Science & Theology chapels, which are co-hosted by our philosophy professors and the Biology & Biochemistry department.

Unearth ancient artifacts, like a 3,000-year old storage jar, by joining an archaeological excavation team with Dr. Boyd Seevers.

Collaborate with a professor

Our faculty are excited to collaborate with you on research projects and publication opportunities. Get expert guidance on textual studies or theology. Be involved in scholarly presentations and have your name appear in publications co-written with professors. Let our faculty guide you to the next level as you build your resume and find your career calling.

Honors and awards

You should be rewarded for your excellence in academics. That’s why we partner with Zondervan to present annual awards for outstanding work in Greek, Hebrew, and theology, as well as our own Ancient & Classical Languages award.

Set your sights high to qualify for induction into our local chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religion and theological studies. You will receive a certificate of membership and a medallion to wear at commencement.

Undergraduate Theology Conference

Every year you’ll have an opportunity to develop your professional skills at the Undergraduate Theology Conference co-hosted by Northwestern, Bethel University, Crown College, and North Central University. You could be one of 16 students from these four schools who present a paper to your peers and field questions. The conference concludes with a banquet and keynote speaker.

Undergraduate Student Paper Contest

Midwest Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) regional conference

Looking for a bigger challenge (with a cash prize)? Submit your paper to the undergraduate student paper contest at the Midwest Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) regional conference.

New opportunities

We’re always looking for new ways to help you expand your horizons. Recent Biblical & Theological Studies majors used their Greek language skills for a Museum of the Bible (MOTB) Greek Paul Project. They transcribed handwritten Greek minuscule manuscripts of the Pastoral Epistles (1–2 Timothy and Titus) and made an electronic record of the content. Two of them were accepted to attend a two-week workshop on textual studies at Oxford University.