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Department of History & Related Fields

History Minor

Table of historical objects
Department of History & Related Fields

History Minor

  • Minor
  • Undergraduate

18 credits

required for minor

18 credits

18 credits

required for minor

Discover how history has shaped the world today. The history minor is a great addition for students with other majors. Students can select time periods and topics that are interesting to them.

Some classes in this minor include:
  • Introduction to Historical Studies
  • History of the Christian Church from Apostolic Times to the Present
  • Survey of American History
  • U.S. History to 1877
  • History of the Roman World
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In studying history, we examine the human condition and how people react to different things at different times. And being able to understand it on a large scale is helpful when dealing with things on a smaller scale. I’m planning on going to law school and I’ll research a lot of cases. Many of the same tools I’ll need for that, I’ve learned in my history classes. It’s definitely going to be crucial for my law school pursuits.

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