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New PSEO eligibility regulations paused by State of Minnesota

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

On May 24, University of Northwestern – St. Paul (UNW) joined a group of Minnesota families and Crown College in a federal lawsuit, Loe v. Walz, that challenges an amendment to a new Minnesota law that strips some faith-based universities of their ability to offer free on-campus college credits to high school students. Since then—on June 14— the Minnesota Attorney General’s office, which is representing Governor Walz, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), and its commissioner, Mr. Willie Jett, agreed to a voluntary preliminary injunction through the completion of the entire litigation process. The preliminary injunction means that the court is requiring a pause on the state’s implementation of the new PSEO eligibility law that scheduled to take effect beginning July 1, 2023, and we will remain eligible for on-campus PSEO throughout the litigation.

In response to the judicial stay, Northwestern president Corbin Hoornbeek commented, “This spring, as a university, we assured our on-campus PSEO students and families that their enrollment would be guaranteed for the duration of their program eligibility, as long as they applied by May 1. Fortunately, in addition to the commitment we made to our students, this injunction also assures them of guaranteed reimbursement.” The same is true for on-campus PSEO applicants who may wish to enroll in UNW’s program for the Spring 2024 semester and beyond, throughout the course of litigation. “We hope that the courts will allow us to maintain that status after the lawsuit as well,” Hoornbeek said.

Students and families are encouraged to learn more about Northwestern’s reputable PSEO and Dual Enrollment programs, which are available both online and in person.