Announcing: Northwestern now offers Bachelor of Science in Engineering

By Matthew R. Hyre on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beginning the fall semester of 2016, Northwestern will offer a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with emphases in mechanical, electrical/computer and civil engineering. Students will complete eight semesters of coursework and design projects before graduating. 

End of Dual Degree Program 

For the past fifteen years, Northwestern has offered the Engineering Dual Degree Program in partnership with the University of Minnesota. This program has successfully accommodated Northwestern engineering students; however, Northwestern has been eagerly seeking to offer a Christ-centered engineering program within the institution. In early December 2015, the Board of Trustees at Northwestern voted and approved offering a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This vote occurred only weeks before unexpectedly receiving a letter from the University of Minnesota stating the Dual Degree program will be discontinued with Northwestern and all other partner institutions. 

Success through community 

Northwestern’s new engineering degree focuses on success through community— encouraging students to solve problems alongside their classmates. Through the teaching of Matthew Hyre, Ph.D., and others, students will continue to benefit from the small class sizes that give individual attention to students throughout their rigorous engineering coursework. It is the aim of the Northwestern engineering program to provide professional growth opportunities during their undergraduate studies through research projects and networking experiences.

“When I came here I wasn’t fully sold on engineering but the fact that there is a community that works together helped me decide [to major in engineering]. When you’re struggling alone it’s a lot harder than if you’re working in a team together. So the together component of the engineering community is what is getting me through my schooling. It’s the difference between me getting through engineering and not. 
Alisa G. ’19, Engineering

The engineering program at Northwestern is exceptional due in part to the liberal arts opportunities that are offered to students. Outside the classroom, students can explore a variety of interests and talents without sacrificing quality. 

“At Northwestern you can be involved in different things and you don’t have to give up quality. You can be in a quality theater program and a quality engineering program. The fact that students are in both doesn’t diminish the quality of either.” 
Rachel F. ’18, Engineering 

The new engineering degree is just another way Northwestern is equipping Christ-centered learners and leaders to invest in others and impact the world. 

“Being at Northwestern really helped me solidify that engineering is where I want to be and that it’s my ministry. I want to be building things; using the [gifts] God has given me, and have integrity within my work place. I want to go into a job with my background—and what I’ve learned at Northwestern—and be a light.”
Riley K. ’19, Engineering