Northwestern Scholarships

Share your heart for Kingdom work by helping Northwestern students pursue their God-given calling.


Pass on Your Christ-centered Values Through Scholarships

By establishing or contributing to a scholarship, you can express your heart for specific areas of work in Christ’s Kingdom and help Northwestern students pursue their dreams and God-given calling.

Give Now

Types of scholarships:

  • Endowed Scholarships
    Provide financial assistance to students in UNW’s traditional undergraduate, adult undergraduate, or graduate studies programs. You can make a one-time or multiple-year gift to achieve the endowment level ($20,000) or create or add to named scholarships through estate gifts.
  • Institutional Scholarships
    Make one-time or ongoing contributions to existing institutional scholarships. Funds are already established and supported by faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Gifts in any amount are accepted.

Please contact a giving representative if you need help deciding which works best for you.

Making a Scholarship Donation

To give to an existing scholarship or discuss setting up a new scholarship, please contact Angel Moin at [email protected].