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Partnering with Your Employer for Education

By Emily Wilder, Student Marketing Intern on Friday, March 8, 2024


Did you know that as an adult who is considering next steps for applying to school, you might be eligible to partner with your employer for help with educational expenses? Here are some things to look into when considering getting an education as a working adult.

1. Look into your company’s current reimbursement programs

If you are at a company, you should reach out to your company’s HR team to see if they already have a policy for attending college. It is nearly impossible to know all company policies that your company has, so reach out and ask them if they already have something set up for employees getting an education while working with them.

2. Propose a plan

If you have found that your company does not have an education expense program, go to your employer or human resource center and propose a plan. Your company might not have one because they had not previously considered it. By just asking you could not only help yourself, but also others in the company that are considering education as well.

3. Show why it would benefit them

By continuing your education or getting your undergraduate degree, you would be benefitting the company. Do your research and tell your employer how you would be a better asset to their team with further education. According to UMass Global, if you help to show your employer the benefits that they would receive, it is easier to persuade them to help you with some of your college expenses. You will have new expert knowledge that you could bring to the company, making you an important asset to the team.

4. Look for other scholarships

To show your employer that you are responsible, research scholarship opportunities at the university you are considering. Here at the University of Northwestern– St. Paul, we have several scholarships that you could be qualified to receive. If you show your employer you are responsible by researching other opportunities to receive funds for education, they might be more willing to help you out.

In essence, your employer could be more likely to help with expenses if you are well researched and make an effort to show how it would benefit them. Afterall, with more education, you will be an important asset to the team. If you are considering going to school as an adult, it is more than possible to get funding from your employer. When in doubt, ask them their policy.