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From PSEO to Registered Nurse at 20 years-old

By Emma Roos on Wednesday, January 26, 2022


At a young age, Megan Bettendorf ’21 knew she wanted to help people.

At 15-years-old she served on a short-term medical mission trip in Africa. During this experience, she saw firsthand the tragedy of inadequate medical care. After this experience, she wanted nothing to do with a career in the medical field. However, she had a newfound love for evangelism, ministry, and showing compassion to those in need. God continued to give her opportunities to serve in the medical field.

Two years after her first mission trip, Megan went back to Africa. During this trip, she saw a newborn baby’s first breath.

“I not only experienced the miracle that new life is, but I also felt a new passion come alive in my own heart. I wanted to be a nurse,” said Megan.


After this experience, Megan enrolled in PSEO at University of Northwestern – St. Paul to pursue her calling.

“Taking PSEO classes online allowed me to pursue my other passions while still engaging in rigorous classes. It allowed me to spend more quality time with my family and friends, excel as a violinist, and play sports at my high school. All while taking college classes!”

Becoming a Nurse

After earning her prerequisite classes, Megan enrolled in the accelerated nursing program at UNW. During this time, she was still in high school but enrolled in on-campus PSEO.

“I chose the nursing program at UNW because it would equip me with practical skills and bring healing to those in need. Plus, it would teach me to keep my Christian values and the mission of furthering God’s kingdom at the core of who I am.”

Graduation & Future

Megan graduated in October of 2021 and became a registered nurse at the age of 20.

“UNW helped me to creatively and effectively individualize my journey through nursing school. The faculty and staff encouraged and supported me and continually reminded me that I was not alone in my journey. I am thrilled to now be pursuing God’s mission for my life as a registered nurse.”

After graduation, Megan had planned to take another missions trip to Kenya, but because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, her plans were altered. In January of 2022, she started her job as an RN in Michigan. In the future, Megan hopes to continue her education in midwifery or in a nurse educator role.