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Dr. Richard Lange Leads UNW Piano Institute

By Melissa Brookman on Friday, August 31, 2018


On June 25, 2018 students gathered together on campus to make music at the UNW Piano Institute, led by Dr. Richard Lange. The students ranged in age from 11-18 years old and were playing at an intermediate to advanced level.

The goal of the Piano Institute was to provide a concentrated week of stimulating musical activities within a Christian environment to motivate and encourage students in their piano studies.

The event lasted all week and key elements were prayer and devotions each morning. Every day 21 students participated in daily lessons, practice periods throughout the day, ensemble experience, and classes in Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Piano Literature, Performance, and Improvisation.

The children were also able to perform in a recital while featuring duets and trios they had learned during their time at the institute. The recitals were held in the carousels and the choir room in the Totino Fine Arts Center.

This was not the first time Dr. Richard Lange has led the UNW Piano Institute. He has been involved with the event for the last 26 years.

He said that both he and his piano students were all inspired throughout their time at the institute.
Dr. Lange felt that his favorite part of the week was seeing various students accept Jesus Christ into their lives. He also mentioned why he thought it was especially important to have more Christians in the music industry.

“There is a tremendous need for Christians to shine in the arts world – it can be a very dark place generally,” said. Dr. Lange.

He intends to host piano institutes on campus in the future so he can inspire more children to reach their musical potential.

“We hope to continue to build into the lives of young people in upcoming years,” said Dr. Lange.