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Career Communities Mean Connection

By Northwestern on Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Since networking is responsible for at least 85% of new jobs, UNW students need to connect with alumni and other professionals. Current unemployment rates make networking more important than ever for students seeking internships and jobs after graduation. Facilitating these connections is a top priority for Career Development at UNW.

We outlined several “communities” that alumni and professionals could join, such as Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Business & Leadership, Government & Nonprofit, as well as career-building activities, such as give career advice, be a speaker on a panel, review resumes, etc. To date, we’ve assembled 330+ alumni and professionals who have volunteered to be available for our students. Students and alumni are able to search the listings via a closed link available through Career Development for access to community members’ photo, job title and employer, LinkedIn, and email.

Sophomore Psychology major, Hannah Lageson, was looking for advice on career options. We were able to connect her with Career Community member Melody Richards, who’d had experience in both counseling and business. Hannah shared with us later,

“It was so good to have an informational interview with a professional and get her insight into the details of her job. I am feeling SO much more at peace and trusting in the Lord about the future and have much more direction when thinking about my major choice.”

We’ve also drawn on our Career Communities to bring in alumni to speak to students. Dustin Stoltz and Caleb Hanson came to campus to share their career stories at a chapel on “How God is working in Accounting & Finance”. Both commented that their first job out of college was greatly impacted by an alumni connection who helped open the door for them.

Interested in joining a Career Community and helping our students? Email us at [email protected] to start making a difference in a student’s career path.