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Common Questions of College Parents

By Caitlyn Swigart, UNW Student on Friday, July 28, 2023

Your college kid will be fine! And here’s why:

As a parent, you are always warned about the terrible tows and those emotional teenage years, but what you aren’t always enlightened on is sending your kid off to college. There are so many unknowns!

Are they going to eat their fruits and vegetables?

Will they know how to work the washing machines?

Can they survive off of the dining hall food?

Questions like these and so many others are common for a nervous parent. But fear not! The University of Northwestern – St. Paul is prepared for all of your parental jitters. So, sit down, breathe into a paper bag if you have to, and read.

Will my kid make friends?

Making friends can be tough at any stage of life, even more so at college when you are in a completely new environment. Understanding the importance of community, UNW has numerous opportunities to meet new people! Student organizations and clubs are all over campus, planning events and fun activities to meet new people on campus, especially at the beginning of the year. The motto of the Student Activities team is ‘centered in community. They have a hand in new student orientation and plan some of the biggest events of the year. If large events aren’t your kid’s thing, the Resident Assistants plan events throughout the year for just the people in their hall, making them perfect for a more introverted student. There are opportunities all over campus to meet people and gain lifelong friendships and community.

Is the campus safe?

UNW has a team of full-time public safety officers on campus, who are there for anything from crime to squirrel attacks. Parking lots, buildings, and campus areas are actively patrolled by Public Safety Line Officers. Patrolling Public Safety officers also maintain two-way radio contact with the Public Safety checkpoint for assistance and support. A crime prevention presentation accompanied by related printed material is made available to new students during orientation. Students can add Public Safety to their phone’s speed-dial, and an office is always on-call to respond to any need. An added bonus of our location is that we are surrounded by a lake on three sides of campus, creating a safe, and beautiful, location. 

Can they afford it?

It’s no secret: college is expensive! About 70% of students have to work throughout their years in college. Finding a job that is flexible with a college schedule can be very difficult, adding another stressor to an already stressful season. Since UNW is so close to a mall, multiple grocery stores, and many other employment opportunities, there are options! If your student doesn’t have a car for an off-campus job, there are tons of on-campus opportunities. Options range from major specific positions to jobs with no experience required.

You’ve trained them for this!

Most of all, know that you’ve trained them for this! The last 18 years of their lives were spent under your roof as you taught them everything they need to know. And if they do need a little extra help, there are resources in place to help them through it. But most importantly, they know that you’re only a phone call away.