Santhiny Rajamohan, Ph.D., MSN, RN

Santhiny Rajamohan, Ph.D., MSN, RN

Assistant Dean for the School of Nursing
Chief Nurse Administrator


Wilson Center, W3104
2803 Lincoln Drive
Roseville, MN 55113



As a health professional, Dr. Rajamohan specializes in psychiatric, geriatric, and leadership in nursing. She is an accomplished author, whose published articles demonstrate her passion for mental health, resilience, and person-centered care. Dr. Rajamohan brings a long history of training, mentoring, and leading discussions regarding mental health and suicide prevention. She also holds multiple certifications as a coach, teacher, and speaker. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Roberts Wesleyan University (RWU), a master’s degree in Nursing from St. John Fisher University, a Post-Master’s Certification in Nursing Education from RWU, and a doctoral degree in Nursing from the University at Buffalo – The State University of New York. 


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Academic Awards

2021 – The Barbara S. Muller Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence.  This award is presented annually to a faculty member in recognition of effective teaching. RWU, Rochester, NY

2016 – Received Darlene E. McCown Faculty Service Award. This award is presented annually to a faculty member who provides outstanding service to others and is an extraordinary caring faculty member, RWU, Rochester, NY

2016 – Ruth G. Elder Excellence in Research Award.  This award is presented to the graduate and doctoral student who has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and ability in the research process who also shows special promise for leadership in nursing research. UB, Buffalo, NY

2015 –The Shirley DeVoe Dissertation Award. This award was presented to support doctoral student dissertation research.  The innovation, originality of ideas, significance, background and feasibility of the research were considered for the nominees.UB, Buffalo, NY