Paul Winghart

Paul Winghart

Adjunct Instructor

M.B.A. from Bethel University

B.A. from University of Minnesota


Nazareth Hall, N3062
3003 Snelling Ave. N
St Paul, MN 55113

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Paul Winghart took at job at Dain Rauscher (RBC Wealth Management) after graduating from the University of Minnesota as a market economist and interest rate strategist where his responsibilities included: serving on the company’s investment committee and crafting the outlook for the economy, analyzing and communicating thoughts on evolving dynamics in monetary and fiscal policy, and prognosticating long-term movements in U.S. government, corporate, GSE, & municipal interest rates.

After 15 years, Paul began his own economic content and consulting business, authored a book on current economic trends, and taught various economic and business courses for Bethel University and North Central University. Currently he works for the Minnesota Department of Transportation in capital finance management.

Specialty Areas

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Public Economics
  • Capital Markets