Cora Tsang

Cora Tsang

Student Instructor
Collaborative Piano

Cora Tsang is from Rochester, MN, and is currently studying under Dr. Paul Wirth at the University of Northwestern for a degree in Music Performance—Piano. She hopes to receive her master’s in Collaborative Piano at the University of Minnesota after receiving her bachelor’s degree.

Cora began piano lessons when she was 5 and has had several different teachers in both the San Antonio, Texas area and the Rochester, Minnesota area. Recent teachers include Dr. Ainhoa Urkijo, a collaborative pianist from Spain, and Dr. Paul Wirth, a well-known pianist and Artistic Director of the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Cora’s experience in collaboration includes accompanying for 2 of the RAACHE choirs in Rochester, MN for 4 years, and accompanying her church choir at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Rochester for 2 years. During her two years of study with collaborative pianist Dr. Ainhoa Urkijo, she studied accompaniments for vocal literature and collaborative piano technique. She is currently working for the University of Northwestern as a student accompanist and plays piano for UNW’s Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble.

Cora is passionate about collaboration in music and loves being able to share and listen to different perspectives and interpretations of pieces. She strives to be able to make an impact as a Christian musician in the collaborative world and learn from the perspectives of the musicians with which she works.