Caroline Ringsmuth

Caroline Ringsmuth

Student Instructor

Caroline is a violinist pursuing a Music Education degree with the dream to one day teach middle and high school orchestra during the school year and private lessons during the summer. She currently studies under Heidi Sawyer.


Caroline began her musical journey at the age of 6, taking private violin lessons from Deb Weideman. Over the years, Caroline has played violin and cello in various school and honor orchestras (NWSC All-Conference, Maple Grove Senior High, and Osseo Middle School) and currently plays violin in the UNW orchestra. As a life long attender of New Hope Church, Caroline is the resident violinist for the Latino Ministries. Through the connections she has made, she has taught a few students from her home.


Caroline and her family are from Maple Grove, MN. She grew up in a bilingual household and comfortably converses in Spanish. Caroline has also run as an individual at Christian Nationals for UNW Women’s Cross Country (6k) and Women’s Track and Field (Steeple Chase); however, her favorite sport is Nordic skiing. She is eager to learn and succeed and wants to sow that desire in her music students. Ultimately, she wants to glorify the Lord through fostering a welcoming environment for her students that encourages them in their unique musical journey.