Counselor Portal

on Slate.org

Information for High School Guidance Counselors to upload documents and track the status of a student’s application.

The Office of Admissions at Northwestern has established a portal for counselors through Slate.org. This free tool is designed to assist you in the following:

  • Update and share your school profile information
  • Manage and approve new and existing users from your institution
  • Create and manage college visits and fairs
  • View student information, securely upload documents and track students’ status throughout the application process.

Get Started

  • Visit Slate.org to create an account, profile page and approve users in your school.
  • Choose “Counselors Join Now” and create an account by completing the registration link.
  • After you submit your registration, Slate.org will approve and activate your account within 1 to 2 business days. Once the account is activated, Slate.org will send you an e-mail with a temporary pin to create a new password and login. After logging in, you will be able to manage your profile page. You also need to manage permissions of the users within your institution. Learn more on creating a Slate.org account, the approval process, and how to manage new and existing users.

Manage College Visits and Fairs

Slate.org also provides opportunities for counselors to advertise, schedule, and manage college visits to your school. Learn more about this process.

Working in Slate.org

You can view student information, securely upload documents and track students’ status.

  1. Go to Slate.org.
  2. Click on the building icon in the top navigation menu.
  3. Search and click on University of Northwestern to view student application data for your high school.
  4. Additional assistance is available if needed to learn how to locate and examine student information. This information is located near the end of the video.

Additional Information

To learn more about Slate.org, please view the following videos from Slate.org:


Any questions regarding registration or technical issues can be directed to Slate at [email protected].

If you have additional questions regarding the application process, documents needed, or student-specific inquiries, please email [email protected]. For PSEO inquiries, please email [email protected].