FERPA Training & Quiz Finished

Thank you for completing the FERPA Training & Quiz.

Front view through the arches of Riley Hall

    Confidentiality Policy and Agreement

    I understand that by virtue of my employment with University of Northwestern – St. Paul,
    I may have access to records which contain Personally Identifiable Information, the
    disclosure of which is prohibited by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of
    1974 (FERPA). I fully understand that I am not authorized to access records where I do
    not have a legitimate educational interest (need-to-know) in order for me to fulfill my
    professional responsibilities or duties as a school official. I also fully understand the
    intentional disclosure of this information by me of this information to any unauthorized
    person could subject me to criminal and civil penalties imposed by law. I also acknowledge
    that such willful or unauthorized access or disclosure also violates the University of
    Northwestern – St. Paul FERPA policy and constitutes just cause for possible disciplinary
    action up to and including termination of employment regardless of whether criminal or
    civil penalties are imposed.