Corporate Partners

Equip your employees. Recruit great talent. Strengthen your business.

10% Education Discount | Develop well-educated employees without disrupting work schedules.

A Corporate Partnership with University of Northwestern provides an educational discount that allows your employees to easily pursue strategic training for their work. Graduate and adult learning classes—offered online or on Northwestern’s campus—take place one night a week with assignments completed on the employee’s own schedule.

Certificate Program | Harness on-site education, tailored to your company’s specific needs.

University of Northwestern works closely with Corporate Partners to assemble a Custom Graduate Certificate in Ethical Leadership that equips employees to be up-to-date with and responsive to ever-changing business needs. Customized curriculum taught by Northwestern’s exceptional faculty at your workplace allows employees to earn graduate-level credits that align perfectly with your organization’s mission.

  • Classes are taught on the site of Corporate Partners
  • Classes meet one afternoon a week for 2.5 hours
  • Three graduate-level courses earn employees nine graduate credits

Internship Program | Develop exceptional recruits.

Recruit and retain skilled, trustworthy employees with a Corporate Partnership. University of Northwestern provides interns that are committed to learning, ethical practices, and excelling in their workplace. Corporate Partnerships provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for students to develop professionally and for your business to vet and on-board potential employees.

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