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Women Set Apart

As women, we are set apart to love, nurture, create, build, and lead in a way that only daughters of the Almighty King can.

Investing in your own wellbeing, education, and skill development is often the very thing needed to best fulfill your calling, step into a new area of work, and more fully minister to those you are called to serve.

But how do you take the next step in the midst of demanding seasons of life, budgets stretched thin, or even internal battles of self-confidence and worth?

We invite you to consider University of Northwestern:

  • Lean into flexible courses designed for women like you
  • Learn under godly faculty who walk alongside you throughout your degree program
  • Meet likeminded classmates that may well become friends and fellow networkers

We know you have what it takes. We’re here to help you get started and grow into all you can be.

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At Northwestern we believe Christ-centered learning strengthens all areas of life, from career to leadership in our families. Our degree programs focus on industry insights and real-world application of ethics. You will strengthen your career, faith, and leadership with a holistic approach to education. Connect with us to learn more about the right program for you.

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