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Are you wanting more from your college experience? How about classes taught by actual professors, instead of teaching assistants, where you are personally recognized? We’ve got you covered. We have supportive curriculum tailored for you. With over 75 degrees, we’ll help you choose the right major and with over 100 student groups and activities on campus, there is already a community waiting to welcome you.

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You can speak to a transfer admissions counselor directly at 651-631-5356.


Our professors are passionate about equipping you succeed in your chosen careers, not just professionally, but spiritually! Classes often start with devotions or prayer, and you’re sure to engage in meaningful discussions about what it means to serve, as a Christian, in real-world scenarios you may find yourself in professionally.

A Better Classroom Experience

With an average class size of 1:25, you’ll never be a number. Our classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants. And those professors are highly invested in your success—providing support and encouragement in and outside the classroom.

Individualized Support

You’re not alone. 20 percent of our students made a decision to transfer to Northwestern in search of a better college experience. We’ve got dedicated transfer counselors who will ensure your credits transfer as efficiently as possible and keep you on track to graduate on time.