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What if education could go beyond a degree or career to firmly establish your God-given purpose? At Northwestern, you will be given what you need to strengthen your academic skills, develop lasting relationships, grow in your Christian faith, and prepare for God’s call on your life.

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  • Connect with your counselor to discuss next steps
  • Meet with a professor to discuss your major of interest
  • Talk with financial aid staff about scholarships, grants, and discounts
  • Tour dorm rooms and get a taste of student life

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Why Northwestern?

We offer a Christ-centered, academically challenging education located in the heart of the Twin Cities. At UNW you’ll develop through the strength of a faithful, inspiring community. We surround you with academic rigor that balances wisdom with intelligence. When you choose UNW, confidence weaves through your entire being, as you realize the possibilities of God’s purpose and mission for your life. Faith, knowledge and community meet strength and opportunity.