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The Department of History & Related Fields offers a degree in History and courses in the following areas: History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. This degree and related programs prepare you for further graduate study (M.A., Ph.D., Law School, or an M.Div.) and careers across a wide spectrum. Whatever fields History Majors want to go into, they’ll find themselves equipped for them with a History degree!

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Our Department has outstanding professors who are experts in their field, skilled in communicating with students, and deeply committed to student success. We equip our students, not only with historical knowledge, but with the skills that graduates will need for whatever comes their way in life.
Jonathan Den Hartog
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Steve Sheldon
The four years [1957-1961] were among the most impactful of my life. The culture encouraged by staff and faculty was centered on following God fully and enthusiastically pursuing whatever we might chose to do in life. Early in my years there, I was given a modern-English translation of the New Testament by J.B. Phillips. I was encouraged to become immersed in the word of God, and form a personal relationship with Him. A strong focus on academic excellence helped shape our future linguistic and translation work positively. We also formed some wonderful friendships with fellow students along the way.
Steve Sheldon
Graduate | Advisor at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA Class of 1961