Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Communication


The electronic media communication major is designed to prepare students for careers in radio, television, film, recording arts, or other forms of electronic media. The development of skills in announcing, audio and video production, writing, programming and management are features of this program. Students will also develop a critical understanding of electronic media and its relationship to faith in today's world. Completion of the degree will also prepare students for graduate work in the field.


Required Courses

29–30 cr
EMC1012Introduction to Audio Production3
EMC1013Introduction to Video Production4
EMC1016Story Structure4
EMC4115Business of Media Management4
EMC4845Senior Project3
COM3835Communication Careers Seminar1
COM4105Mass Media and Society (WCE, OCE)4
Five enrollments selected from EMC1625, 2625–2627, 3625, 4625–4627, at least two of which must be taken for credit.2–3
Track20–23 cr
Choose from Recording Arts, Audio Production, Film Production or Video Production; requirements are listed below.


Recording Arts Track

Required Courses27 cr
EMC2115Broadcast Tech2
EMC3116Principles of Programming4
EMC3119Media Ministries2
EMC3125 or EMC3216Advanced Audio Production or Radio Production3
CMCFaith, Music and Culture3
CMCInside the Music Industry3

Practicum "CMC" Tour


CMCTech Track OR Business Track (see below)9

Business Track

 CMCStrategic Management3
 CMCMusic Business Survey3
 CMCAdvanced Media Marketing3

Tech Track

 CMCAdvanced Studio Recording3
 CMCAudio Engineering3
 CMCConcert Production3
(CMC = Contemporary Music Center, Nashville)


Radio Production Track

Required Courses20 cr
EMC2015Electronic Journalism2
EMC2115Broadcast Tech2
EMC3116Principles of Programming4
EMC3119Media Ministries2
EMC3125Advanced Audio Production3
EMC3126Radio Production3
EMC3225Radio News2


Film Production Track

Required Courses23 cr
EMC2036Studio Operations4
EMC3135Single Camera Production3
LAF2706Hollywood Production Workshop4
LAF3709Internship: Inside Hollywood6
LAF3707Professional Screenwriting or3
LAF4707Professional Acting for the Camera


Video Production Track

Required Courses20 cr
EMC2015Electronic Journalism2
EMC2036Studio Operations4
EMC2115Broadcast Tech2
EMC3119Media Ministries2
EMC3135Single Camera Production3
EMC3235Television News2

WCE=Written Communication Emphasis; OCE=Oral Communication Emphasis. See the catalog for explanation and prerequisites.

Contact us

Melissa Clutter
Communication Department Assistant

What interesting classes might I take?

  • Gender and Family Communication
  • Global Communication
  • Mass Media and Society
  • Persuasion
  • Religion Writing
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Acting I
  • Directing

What can I do with this major?

  • Communications Consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Creative Director
  • Event Planner
  • Media Analyst
  • Organizational administrator
  • Public Opinion Researcher
  • Professor of Communication
  • Speech Writer