Alumni King brothers in the Pioneer Press

Alumni King brothers in the Pioneer Press

King Brothers Clothiers partner with Don Shelby for new 'Shelby Knot' tie collection

Alumni Kenny '10 and Danny King '10, in Pioneer Press and Haven Magazine

Kenny told us why he's personally invested in this business:

"Style is something we’ve been passionate about for a very long time. As many men our age have done, we grew up looking at photos of our grandpas and wanted to look just like them. It’s funny how things tend to skip a generation.

We’re twins, and as such, there was often a desire for us to be our own person. It was always so easy for people to group us together: 'Let’s invite Kenny and Danny,' or  'I’m going over to Kenny and Danny’s house.'

What we wore helped us to establish ourselves as separate units. We didn’t share clothes growing up because even at a very young age, we learned one’s clothing was a key component to establishing an image. People always associated us with what we were wearing: 'Kenny is in the red today, and Danny is in the blue.'

Today, our passion continues. We have different jobs (Kenny is morning anchor for ABC 6 News, Rochester, and Danny is  the Youth Pastor at Roseville Covenant Church) and different lives these days, but our love for style has continued to be a part of who we are – it’s what’s been driving King Brothers Clothiers, the ShelbyKnot Collection, and has served as a way for us to remain close as brothers, friends, and now business partners."

 – Kenny King

  King Brothers Clothiers


  Ties available at:
  Heimie's Haberdashery (St. Paul)
  Martin Patrick 3 (Mpls)