Piano at Northwestern

University of Northwestern offers a vibrant piano program with opportunities for performance, tours, accompaniment and ministry. Opportunity highlights are listed below.


Majors for Piano Students

Piano students may choose a variety of tracks for their course of study. Learn more on the Music Degrees page.


Piano Faculty

Richard A. Lange, D.M.A

B.M. (College of Notre Dame)
MFA, D.M.A. (University of Minnesota)



Top piano students go on a tour each fall, providing opportunities to perform piano duets, solos, and concerto movements with piano accompaniment.


Summer Piano Institute: July 27 - August 1, 2015

The Northwestern Piano Institute  is designed for those between 11–18 years old who wish to take their piano playing abilities to the next level. Students are challenged, motivated, and encouraged in their piano studies while enjoying the companionship of other students who share the same love for the piano. University of Northwestern piano students have opportunities to be part of this long-running piano tradition.


Piano Solo Festival: March 14, 2015
(registration deadline: Feb. 23, 2015)

The University of Northwestern Piano Solo Festival is open to all piano students in grades 4–12, with awards given in three categories: grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Festival information, rules and Application form can be printed, or you can stop by or call the music office at 651-631-5218 to obtain a Piano Solo Festival brochure and application. Festival director Dr. Richard Lange and University of Northwestern piano students host the event, and you may contact Dr. Lange with questions about the Piano Solo Festival at 651-631-5242.

The Piano Solo Festival is an adjudicated performance designed to encourage young students both as church and classical musicians to further develop their God-given musical gifts. All participants will receive a scholarship voucher applicable to the summer Piano Institute. Donations to the Piano Scholarship Fund are always gratefully accepted and may be made payable to University of Northwestern (UNW).