Intercultural Studies and Spanish Major

Bachelor of Arts

The Intercultural Studies and Spanish major is designed to prepare students to work with and minister to Hispanic people in a Spanish-speaking country or in the United States.


What can I do with this major?

  • Church Planting
  • Community Organizing
  • Cross-cultural Work
  • English Teacher (overseas)
  • Government/International language development
  • Intercultural/Multi-ethnic Program Coordinator
  • Language Translation
  • Missions
  • Spanish Teacher (overseas)


Degree Requirements

The degree is granted upon completion of 125 credits, as specified in the catalog (40 credits must be in3000- or 4000-level courses).

  • Literature course in core curriculum must include SPA3325.
  • Social Science course in core curriculum must include ANT2045.


Required Courses 44 cr
ICS2015 World Religions 4
ICS3206 Intercultural Relationships 2
ICS3208 Principles & Practices of Intercultural Studies 2
ICS4207 Biblical Theology of Missions 4
MIN1005 Introduction to Ministry 2
SPA2101 Intermediate Spanish I 4
SPA2102 Intermediate Spanish II 4
SPA3201 Spanish Grammar 4
SPA3202 Spanish Conversation and Composition (WCE, OCE) 4
Choose one of the following:
ICS3215 Contemporary Religious Movements 2
ICS3016 Understanding Islam 2
ICS4835 Seminar in Intercultural Studies 2
Select 8 credits from the following:
COM3107 Intercultural Communication 4
ICS3015 Race and Ethnicity in America 4
ICS3209 Urban Intercultural Studies 4
ICS4205 History and Contemporary Issues of Missions 4
MIN2216 Teaching Methods in Ministry 4
MIN3216 Leadership in Ministry 4
Choose one of the following:
ICS4995 ICS / Spanish Internship 2 or 4
SPA3335 Spanish through Service 2 or 4


WCE = Written Communication Emphasis; OCE = Oral Communication Emphasis. See the catalog for explanation and prerequisites.