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3 people you can thank today

3 people you can thank today

Where would we be without awesome people pouring into our lives? 'Tis the season to thank those who make a difference ...Read more

Granting opportunities beyond the classroom

Granting opportunities beyond the classroom

It's a word most college students are used to hearing from their advisors. But can internships also benefit businesses? Through a new grant, unpaid internships are no longer a barrier for Northwestern students—opening the door to countless opportunities for both students AND businesses...Read more

Actor finds best role yet

Actor finds best role yet

Three weeks to hear from God? Graduate student, Amit Mehra, was an actor in an office job who questioned his purpose. But God didn’t need three weeks—in fact, just a few chapters of John would ignite his passion for Christ-centered leadership..Read more


Nov 23

Chamber Ensembles Recital

A recital that will include performances by the Harp Ensemble, Violin Ensemble, Flute Choir, String Quartet, Chamber Winds, String Trio, Percussion Ensemble, and Brass Ensemble This vibrant recital is a wonderful opportunity to be grateful for God’s gift of music. This recital is free and open to the public. More info

Nov 25-29

Thanksgiving Recess

Dec 3

CAGS Info Night

Visiting campus is the best way to learn more about Northwestern and what it takes to complete your degree here. Register now

Northwestern Media

Radio has been a unique part of our ministry since 1949, and today our stations in six states reach more than a million listeners in the Midwest.